IB/AP Exam Opt-Out Form

Parents and students should use the form below to opt-out of IB/AP exams for which the student is currently registered. 

Students planning to take all their IB/AP exams in May of 2021 should NOT complete this form.  

Disclaimer Statement:

  • By submitting this form, you are opting out of selected IB/AP test(s) and acknowledge that the IB/AP test(s) indicated below will not be ordered for your student.
  • If your student plans to take all of their IB/AP tests, do NOT submit this form; however, please note that fees will be charged for any IB/AP tests registered for beyond the six FCPS-funded tests.
  • After November 13th, a $40 late registration fee will apply to students who opt out of exams and later want to opt back in.
  • There will be an additional opportunity for students to cancel IB/AP exams by March 1st. 

The IB/AP Exam Opt-out Form must be submitted by October 23, 2020.