Honor Code

Academic Honesty Pledge:

As a student at Justice High School, I understand that academic integrity is an expectation.  Dishonesty may result in creating an unfair advantage for either me or another student.  I will maintain honesty and integrity in all my work and classroom interactions. 

Examples of academic dishonesty include:

  • Plagiarism - the representation of the ideas or work of another person as your own (including your peers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated work).
  • Collusion - allowing others to copy your work and submitting it as their own. 
  • Misconduct during an assessment 
    • using notes/study guides during an assessment without teacher permission. 
    • citing sources not actually consulted.
    • using one assessment for different courses or reusing an assessment previously submitted for credit without approval.
  • Disclosing information 
    • sharing information about assessments with peers who will be taking it later. 
    • falsifying academic achievements on applications and resumes.

Ask for Advice

As a student at Justice High School I am responsible for ensuring that all of the work I submit is authentic and that any sources used are appropriately acknowledged. If I have any doubts I should ask for advice from teachers and staff.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

  • I will credit all the sources (peers, texts,digital, etc.) I use, even if I have paraphrased or summarized. 
  • I will clearly distinguish between my work and the source being used (using quotation marks, indentation or a similar method). 
  • I will use a style of referencing (MLA, APA, Chicago) that is appropriate for the subject.

Consequences for Academic Dishonesty

1st offense

  • Student shall re-do assignment for purpose of learning
  • Student receives authentic feedback, but grade earned will be no higher than C 
  • Counselor and parent notified
  • Violation entered in SIS

2nd offense

  • No credit for assignment/assessment
  • Counselor and parent notified
  • Violation entered in SIS
  • Possible removal from leadership position/honor society 
  • Meet with grade level administrator and complete structured reflection form

Things to Remember

  • At Justice HS, an IB world school, students are:
    • principled and act with integrity and honesty. 
    • content creators not content imitators. 
  • If you engage in any form of academic dishonesty, your administrator, with input from your teacher or staff member, has the right to impose consequences.
  • Do it right, remember to cite! Credit where credit is due!