Student Services Parent Nights

Student Experience Information for 9th - 12th grade students

12th Grade Parent College Night

Presented on September, 2023

Information on:

  1. Class of 2024 Information - Senior Dues, Senior Trip, Graduation
  2. Class of 2023 Post-Secondary Outcomes
  3. Senior Packet
  4. Individual Senior Meetings with School Counselor
  5. Official Transcript Request Process
  6. Fall/Winter/Spring Timeline
  7. College Application Types
  8. SAT/ACT Information

JHS-12 Grade Parent Night-Sept2023.pdf

9th/10th Grade Parent Night

Presented on November 16, 2023

Information on:

  1. Diploma Types and Requirements
  2. How to Read a Transcript
  3. Community Service
  4. Academic Advising for SY24-25 Timeline
  5. Naviance Student

JHS-9-10 Grade Parent Night-Nov2023.pdf

11th Grade Parent College Night

Presented on April 18, 2024

Information on:

  1. Understanding Your Transcript
  2. Junior Year Timeline
  3. Senior Packet
  4. Official Transcript Request Process
  5. Naviance Student

JHS-11 Grade Parent Night-April 2024.pdf