Staff contact, student medication, illness procedures, and more

Phone Number



The clinic is open daily from 8:00-3:00 and is located in C-Hallway room C34. If the clinic is closed, students are to report to the Main Office.


Damary Reyes Diaz
School Health Aide

Melissa Villatoro
Public Health Nurse (At Justice once day a week

Health Information Form

The Health Information Form is to be completed by the parent or guardian at the start of each school year. The completed form is to be returned to the school clinic.

Prescription Medications

Students who need to take medication during school hours must have an Authorization, Release and Indemnification Form signed by a parent or guardian unless 18 years or older and can sign for themselves. Prescription medications require signatures from both the parent and the physician. Inhalers require a signed VA Asthma Action Plan; Epinephrine requires a signed Epinephrine Authorization Form.

VA Asthma Action Plan

Epinephrine Authorization Form

Medication Authorization Form

Over-the-counter Medications

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are drugs that can be purchased without a doctor's prescription and are used for the relief of symptoms on a temporary basis. With parent and physician authorization, OTC medications may be given on an "as needed" basis throughout the school year. Parents may authorize limited use for 10 consecutive days with a completed Medication Authorization FormExamples include antihistamines for allergic reactions.

With parent permission using the Medication Authorization Form, certain OTC medications may be given on an "as needed" basis throughout the school year only as a pain reliever for headaches, muscle aches, menstrual cramps, or orthodontic pain. The medication must be supplied by the parent in its original container. Examples include: Tylenol, Advil, Pamprin, and aspirin.

Transport of Medications to and from School

Parents must transport medications to and from school. All medications must be kept in the clinic and taken under adult supervision. Middle school students are not permitted to carry medications, including OTC medications, except for prescription inhalers or EpiPens with the authorization of their parent(s) and physician.

Scheduling Medical Appointments

Please make every effort to schedule appointments outside of school hours. When this is not possible, please send a note to the school on the morning of the appointment stating the time the student will be picked up. Students should bring appointment notes to the attendance secretary before homeroom. The student's name will then be shown on an early dismissal list so teachers will know the student is not cutting class. For safety reasons, parents must sign out their student in the Main Office.

Release of Student from School

Only those individuals designated on the Emergency Care Information form will be contacted either to excuse or take your student home. If the health room staff contacts you to excuse your student from school, the health room must have voice contact with the responsible adult to dismiss the student from school grounds. In an emergency, 911 will be called prior to contacting the parent.