About Justice Library

Justice Library welcomes all students, teachers and staff. The library is a warm and comfortable space, and in addition to being an integral part of the school's instructional program, it serves as:

  • a place of instruction,

  • a place to access quality resources,

  • a place for students to work independently,

  • a place for students to be during free choice periods such as lunch and after school.

Students are encouraged to spend time in the library to work, relax, and interact with others.  At all times, students are expected to be behave in a responsible manner that respects the needs of other library users and does not create a disruptive or distracting environment.

Visiting Justice Library 

Justice Library encourages all students to use the library. It’s a beautiful space with loads of valuable resources, including the hottest new books. Let the librarians know what you are looking for and we will help you find it.

  • Before school: Students don’t need passes and don’t need to sign in.
  • After school: Students do not need passes but need to sign in. Students must be engaged with school work on late-bus days.
  • Coming from a class: Students are required to arrive with a pass from the teacher, and sign in.
  • During lunch: Students are welcome to be in the library during their scheduled lunch.  When leaving the cafeteria, students must check out with Security.  Once signed in to the library, students are expected to stay until the end of lunch.. 


  • Books are checked out to students for three weeks and can be renewed unless there is a hold on it.
  • Books not available at Justice can be requested through Inter-Library Loan (ILL). Submit ILL requests to the library staff.
  • Current issues of magazines do not circulate.
  • When books are lost, the cost of the book will be charged to the student.

Computers & Printers

  • Students may use the computers in accordance with the FCPS Acceptable Use Policy. 
  • Black & white printing is available in the library. Student-produced work is free. Others (worksheets, applications, forms, etc) are $0.10/page.
  • Color printing is available for $0.50/page. Please see the library staff if you want to print in color.

Phones, Music and Videos 

  • Students may not make and receive phone calls or video chat in the library.
  • Earbuds or headphones must be used when listening to music or watching videos.  Earbuds can be purchased in the library for $1.00.

Food & Drink  

  • Students are free to enjoy food and drink outside of the library.  Water is allowed; all other food and drink must be left at the front desk.


Contact Us

Lisa Gunther, Head Librarian [email protected]

Eun Ji, Librarian [email protected]

Erin Walter-Lerman, Instructional Assistant [email protected]

Phone: 703-824-3940

Location: J207