On-Time Graduation Mentors Help Justice HS Students Stay on Track

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January 31, 2020

Justice High offers On-Time-Graduation mentoring program (OTG) for staff members to serve as mentors to seniors to ensure they graduate on time. Once a week, staff members check with their mentees to help them reach their goal of walking across the stage in June. The mentors usually meet with their assigned mentee during an elective class, return time, lunch, or after school. Mentors consult with students, teachers, and counselors regularly to make sure their mentees are on track.

Staff mentoring student

Mentors must complete a weekly mentor-mentee log—due each Friday—to help them stay informed about any needs their mentees may have. Logs may include courses needed by the mentee, any Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) tests needed to graduate, grades, and attendance history.  For students who are in danger of failing a class or not graduating, mentors and counselors put together an action plan to help the students that includes parents or guardians, deans, and administrators. Contact Karin Neal at @email.


Student with her mentor